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Though Martha Stewart has a habit of saying, "It's a good thing", she wasn't making that comment when she was convicted of insider information or trading a few years ago. The domestic diva, regardless of her wealth, connections, and popularity, went to prison for illegal insider information trading activities.

The fact is, insider information or trading probably takes place more frequently than you might imagine. And it's sometimes only well after the fact that the government is alerted to any potential criminal activities. This is because many insider trading "con artists" are very savvy; they cover their tracks using every possible method. However, as the world saw with Martha Stewart, even the best can slip up and get caught.

Believe it or not, some people don't even recognize insider information or trading when they see it. They hear from a buddy or business colleague, "I got a great tip on a stock that's going to skyrocket in the next few days..." and they assume that the knowledge is hearsay, not fact. But what they may actually be witnessing is insider trading.

Many individuals wonder how insider information or trading really hurts anyone. After all, doesn't everyone win? Stocks are purchased, companies are promoted, and people get paid. Isn't that the gateway to the "good life"? Nope.

Actually, trading as a result of insider information can adversely affect many. First, it changes the dynamics of a corporation's stock. Secondly, it messes with the natural ups and downs of the market, always "a bad thing." Finally, those who are not "in on" the insider information could lose huge amounts of money.

Make no mistake - insider trading is nothing more than white collar thievery. Yes, the players might look like successful business gentlemen and ladies, but they are no different than the scoundrel who mugs you in a dark alley. In both instances, they victimize others for their own profit.

We encourage you to contact an attorney to discuss your insider information or trading knowledge. A trained legal profession, like the ones on our staff, will be able to help you understand your rights under the law, especially if you have been involved unwittingly in insider trading and, therefore, need some kind of protection from retaliation.

Together, we'll help stop insider information and trading one small trade at a time. Call our office today.


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