Brokerage Malpractice

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Many people use brokers to act as go-betweens. There are stock brokers, insurance brokers, and other types of brokers. But what happens when your broker doesn't act in your best interest? In that case, you may realize that you've been the victim of brokerage malpractice.

For example, say you used a broker to buy life insurance. Your broker explained your plan to you and your significant other, and it sounded reasonable. All your questions were answered, handshakes were given all around, and the documents were signed. Consequently, you began paying into your life insurance, completely at ease that you understood it fully.

Then, a tragedy struck. You were diagnosed with a terminal illness. Fortunately, you thought, you had purchased life insurance with the kind of coverage your family would need. But when you heard that some other folks who had used the same broker as you had been unhappy with the broker you used, you decided to investigate.

Through your research, it became clear that you had fallen prey to brokerage malpractice. Now, on top of your disease, your family would have to deal with a brokerage malpractice claim.

Sound far-fetched? It's not. Though it's definitely a worst-case scenario, it does happen. Many times, brokers are not as upfront with their clientele as they would have you believe, especially when it comes to describing the details of a legal document such as a life insurance contract. Thus, many persons and businesses can become the victims of brokerage malpractice.

Sometimes, brokerage malpractice is not even intentional. There are brokers who simply are not well-equipped to do their jobs, and are therefore negligent. However, regardless of whether your brokerage malpractice experience resulted from malevolence or benign neglect, you still want to receive monetary compensation.

At our law firm, we have battled for many consumers like you. On behalf of the victims of brokerage malpractice, we have settled cases and received restitution, at no out-of-pocket expenses to our clients. In fact, if we don't win a settlement on your behalf, you'll be under no obligation to pay us. Ever. That's how confident we are that if we agree to represent you, we'll make sure you get the money you deserve for having been taken to the proverbial "cleaners."

Though we hope you never have to file a brokerage malpractice claim, we'll be here for you if you do. Call us and schedule a free, confidential consultation with one of our talented, knowledgeable brokerage malpractice legal team members today.


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