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For women suffering from IBS or irritable bowel syndrome then the drug Lotromex has been known to provide some relief. However, the FDA and Glaxo-Smith Kline acknowledge that there are dangers associated with lotromex and those prescribed the drug should use it with the utmost of caution.

What is Lotromex?
Lotromex is a medicine designed to relieve the symptoms of IBS. It does not cure the disease but slows the movement of stools through the system. This reduces the sudden urgency to have a bowel movement. As well as provides some relief from the stomach discomfort and pain associated with IBS. Lotromex is also known to help relieve the diarrhea associated with IBS.

Who should take Lotromex and why?
Women, who's main symptom of IBS is diarrhea are good candidates for Lotromex. Lotromex has not been shown to help men or women with other symptoms of IBS, such as constipation. Lotromex should only be used if the IBS symptoms have been going on for more than 6 months., all other possible medical have been ruled out and other IBS medications have been tried without success.

Why was Lotromex discontinued?
On November 28th 2000 Glaxo-Smith-Kline nearly halted the production of Lotromex entirely. This was amid reports that lotromex was associated with severe stomach and intestinal disorders, such as severe constipation and ischemic colitis. These disorders quite often require surgery as well as cause discomfort and in extreme cases cause death.

Is Lotromex still available?
Yes, but only in limited cases. Lotromex did pose dangers but did also provide people with a lot of relief. The FDA decided to make it available again but only to those who could show that their IBS symptoms were not helped by any other medication. The relief they received from the lotromex had to clearly outweigh the risks it posed. Lotromex has been shown to outweigh the dangers it presents in women whose primary symptom of IBS is diarrhea.

Potentially dangerous drugs like Lotromex can cause severe suffering in innocent people. You may be entilted to seek monentary compensation for your damages, but if you hesitate time restrictions called statutes of limitations can end your case before it can begin. Contact a Lotromex lawyer today.


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