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Some Fen Phen victims who already filled out the required lawsuit paperwork or were previously involved in litigation and received damages over the health issues that they suffered as a result of their use of the medication may still be entitled to more compensation. Victims who fall into this classification should be aware that they still have legal options which could result in additional damages. How can this be? Here are some of the ways:

  • Your condition or that of a loved one who was harmed by Fen Phen use may have suffered setbacks or a worsened condition in the time period after you filed your original claim or agreed to a settlement of your claim.
  • You have suffered any of the following conditions such as the necessity for heart valve surgery; heart, lung or valve complications from heart valve surgery; a heart transplant; a stroke that has resulted in health problems lasting six months or more; a blood clot that has resulted in trauma such as an amputation of an arm or leg, abdominal surgery or severe kidney damage; a cardiac arrest-caused coma; endocardial fibrosis; complications and ventricular fibrillation or ventricular tachycardia.

Also included in this classification are those who may have lost a loved one to a death caused by heart problems or pulmonary hypertension. If any of these complications apply to you there is a very real possibility that you may be due additional compensation. Please contact our experienced, aggressive Fen Phen lawyers as soon as possible for a consultation about the legal options that may still be available to you. Be aware that there may be time limits in which you must file an additional claim so call us as soon as possible to ensure the preservation of all of your legal rights.


We in America tend to foolishly believe that just because a product obtains FDA approval that it is safe. This is quite untrue and can even be dangerous in 1996 a supposed miracle drug was created called Fen-phen. Fen-Phen was a breakthrough in the area of weight loss. Nearly 18 million prescriptions were written and the success for weight loss from Fen-Phen was noted. However, fen-phen is now classed as a dangerous drug. And has been recalled. It produces serious side effects, can cause permanent health damage and is even responsible for deaths.

American Home Products, the creators of Fen-Phen, have been accused of possibly knowing about the potential risks of the drug before the recall began. It is estimated that despite the recall attempts upwards of 7 to 9 millions Americans are believed to have taken Fen-Phen.

Fen-Phen has been linked to several health problems but with Americas obsession with weight loss and the successes of fen-phen many still demanded the drug despite all the warnings. Fen-phen is linked with a potentially fatal condition known as primary pulmonary hypertension. This is where the blood vessels in the lungs become contracted or smaller. The pressure then builds up in these vessels and can lead to heart attacks. Fen-phen is also liked with heart valve defects. When the valves of your heart become impaired it can force blood back intro the atrium. This may not be noticed at first but will start to become visible with shortness of breath and chest pains. It could require surgery or other evasive treatment to correct it.

Fen-Phen has been linked with neuro-physiological problems, cognitive problems such as memory loss are common as well as mood swings and even psychotic break downs. Depression has also been linked to Fen-Phen.

Fen-phen is dangerous and can kill. Several legal and class action suits have been filed against American home Products for the Damage fen-phen has caused. The fact that they may have known the risks before hand makes them highly accountable. However, several people took the drug knowing full well its side effects so litigation can be tricky. If you were prescribed Fen-Phen then you may be entitled to compensation. You should seek the advice of a defective drugs attorney or medical malpractice lawyer. They will be best able to advise you on the merits of your case and give you insight into what damages you can expect. Fen-phen is just one of several medications that have received approval only to go on and cause dangerous side effects. Don't just trust what they say. Consult an experienced and dedicated Fen-phen attorney today.



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