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The term "whistleblower" may have taken on negative connotations in today's society, but don't be fooled - whistleblowers (aka, those who reveal information regarding fraud against the government) are critical to the justice system. Just as important, consequently, are whistleblower lawyers, those who file "qui tam" complaints on behalf of clients.

Whistleblower lawyers are a specialized group of legal professionals who are committed to filing lawsuits on behalf of "whistleblower" employees of employers who are allegedly scamming the government. Not surprisingly, whistleblower lawyers have to know the workings of government fraud cases and just how they are prosecuted. They also have to be determined to win the whistleblower lawsuit while maintaining the safety and privacy of their clients (if the latter is desired by the plaintiff, as it often is.)

Additionally, whistleblower lawyers must insist that their clients are protected by acts such as the Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX), which protects employees of public corporations who "blow the whistle" against their employers. Of course, many employers still seek to exert some kind of retaliation; hence, whistleblower lawyers make sure that their clients are afforded the protection they need and deserve under the law.

Whistleblower lawyers are also greatly committed to their cases. They don't give up when faced with "red tape", which is something that often is attached to qui tam complaints that are sent to the government. (It will come as no shock to hear that the government is often slower in responding to these types of complaints; thus, whistleblower lawyers must "shake the tree" sometimes.) No matter what, good whistleblower lawyers will do whatever is necessary to make sure their clients receive the remuneration that whistleblowers receive for their information.

However, whistleblower lawyers cannot operate without honest individuals coming forward to submit claims. Without ethical persons to "blow the whistle" on companies that are defrauding the government, whistleblower lawyers could not stay in business.

That's why we encourage you to contact our law firm if you know of any activity occurring at your company that would fall under the category of government fraud. It's a serious crime (consider the case of Enron and its leaders), and we believe no crime should go unpunished.

Contact our office today to speak with one of our whistleblower lawyers or other legal professionals who are here to serve you. We'll treat your information with the confidentiality it deserves and give you the representation you need. Together, we'll send a message to employers everywhere that government fraud is a practice that must end.

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