Defense Contractor Fraud

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For the scrupulous individual or company, the idea of committing defense contractor fraud is inconceivable. However, rest assured that it does happen and probably on a much larger scale than most would assume.

In fact, defense contractor fraud has been around for quite a long time. During the Civil War, it was brought to President Abraham Lincoln's attention that many crooked contractors were selling the Union Army defective (or not-as-advertised) products. Thus, the Union soldiers were using equipment that could be harmful to them and the Union cause.

As a result, President Lincoln set into effect the False Claims Act, signed by him in 1863. Today, this act is still being used to protect the military (and, by proxy, every American citizen) against defense contractor fraud.

Of course, today's company that commits defense contractor fraud can be more difficult to spot than those that operated in previous generations. In an age of high tech crimes, the illegally-operating contractor might be able to hide his or her proverbial "tracks" or operate "below the radar" for many years or even decades. That's why the government encourages individuals to become "whistle blowers".

Whistleblowers are usually employees of companies that are engaged in defense contractor fraud. When they realize their corporation is operating in a fraudulent capacity, they effectively "blow the whistle" on the illegal actions by submitting a claim against the contractor with the help of an attorney knowledgeable about defense contractor fraud.

To protect the whistleblower from retribution from the contractor the whistleblower essentially "outed", the United States Government has added provisions to the False Claims Act and Whistleblower Law. These guarantee the whistleblower additional compensation and/or protection should the entity that committed the defense contractor fraud choose to retaliate against the whistle blower, as in the case of an employer suddenly terminating the whistle blower employee.

Without brave individuals coming forward, cases of defense contractor fraud would go unchecked and billions of dollars could be lost. Additionally, if defective supplies are used during military campaigns, lives could be jeopardized. That's why it's critical that defense contractor fraud is brought to light as soon as it is known or suspected.

If you have knowledge of definite or possible defense contractor fraud, we urge you to give us a call today. Our team of legal professionals has many years of helping strong individuals like you make claims of defense contractor fraud. Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.


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Defense Contractor Fraud does happen and we encourage you to contact us if you know of this going on. We are here to help.