Slip, Trip and Falls Accident

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Slip, trip and falls accidents can result in serious injury and premises liability is designed to offer you protection in the event that your trip, slip and falls injury occurs on someone else's property. Premises liability is the legal responsibility a property owner carries to provide reasonable safeguards for your protection while a guest, visitor or licensee on their property. It is expected that a property owner will minimize risk by taking prompt action is a hazard occurs. That hazard can be as simple as a spill that needs to be cleaned up, or a broken sidewalk that needs to be repaired. The property owner obligation is to do whatever it takes to remedy the situation, or notify you that a risk is present.

There are some limitations on the property owners liability in slip, trip and falls cases. For example, if the injury is caused in part or whole by your actions; if for example your own reckless behavior leads to your injury. In addition, if you are warned to stay out of an area and enter anyway, there may be difficulty in pursuing a premises liability case. Another important element to consider is statutes of limitations. These statutes of limitations vary between states. In some cases you will have just 90 days to file a claim after a slip, trip and falls incident. That is why it is important to act fast when considering filing a suit.

Slips, trips and falls occur for a variety of reasons. Commonly they are attributed to a slick surface as is present in icy and wet conditions. In adverse weather, a property own is required to shovel and take other actions to reduce the risk of falling on their sidewalks such as applying salt or sand. Premises liability extends beyond the structure on a property and includes attached property. For example, if an injury of the slip, trip and falls kinds occur in the yard of a home or business, the property owner may still be liable.

Premises liability as it applies to slips, trips and falls may cover necessary medical treatment, loss of employment, and sometimes punitive damages designed as punishment for negligence. In addition it is possible in slip, trip and falls cases that the victim may receive compensation for pain and suffering. If you or a family member has suffered an injury from a slip, trip or falls incident, contact a premises liability lawyer to get useful and relevant advise on your case. A premises lawyer is specially trained to guide you through the process, and to look after your rights. Trips, slips and falls can lead to debilitating injuries that may set you back emotionally, physically and financially, so it helps to have knowledgeable help in your corner. Let us help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact us today.


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Slips, trips and falls occur for a variety of reasons. If you've had one take time to contact using the free case review form above.