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No one expects a work injury; to do so would go against the generally optimistic human nature. However, work injuries do occur; just check out the sobering statistics below on common work injury events (called "occupational illnesses") from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, 2001:

  • overexertion (including in lifting) (41.4% of private sector jobs)
  • contact w/objects and equipment (26% of private sector jobs)
  • strikes by or against objects (19.6% of private sector jobs)
  • slips & falls (18.2% of private sector jobs)
  • slips w/out falls (3.3% of private sector jobs)
  • exposure to harmful substances (4.4% of private sector jobs)
  • fires and explosions (0.2% of private sector jobs)

Surprisingly, most who are at risk of a work injury (such as those in highly dangerous or difficult occupations) never think about the possibility of illness, physical harm, or emotional suffering. They simply go to work and come home without any second consideration about the dangers at their workplace. Until something happens.

As is obvious from the work injury data noted above, individuals around the country are hurt on the job every day. Sometimes, it takes years to develop the work injury (as in the case of carpal tunnel syndrome or back problems from ergonomically incorrect work chairs); other times, it happens in a matter of seconds (as in the case with accidental amputation or electrocution.) However, many of them never think about pursuing legal action to retrieve compensation for their pain and suffering. In fact, our law firm is convinced that there are millions of dollars of potential work injury claims "out there", not being pursued for one reason or another.

Call our law offices today and speak with a legal representative who can help you decide how best to pursue a work injury claim. It will not cost you anything; in fact, you'll owe us nothing until we settle your case, therefore obtaining the restitution you're deserved.

Even if your work injury was as small as a sprain, strain, bruise, or cut, please know that you have rights under the law. You may see your work injury as minor; however, that doesn't mean you are entitled to nothing. Again, that's where an attorney with work injury case experience can help you figure out the best route to take.

Please call us today and start the process of getting the restitution you may deserve.

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If you have been the victim of a work injury, we encourage you not to hesitate to seek reimbursement for your work injury.