Yamaha Rhino ATV Accidents

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Though it's a shame when they occur, recreational accidents do happen. What are recreational accidents? Consider some of these:

Yamaha Rhino ATV Rollover Dangers

Since its introduction in 2003, ongoing questions have been raised regarding the safety of the Yamaha Rhino. With several fatalities, accidents, and serious injuries, the Rhino is considered among the most dangerous all-terrain vehicles (ATV) available to consumers. As an acknowledgement of the accidents that have occurred thus far, Yamaha Motor Corporation has offered only to install small plastic doors and extra passenger handles on each Rhino as an increased safety measure, free of charge.

In a letter addressed to Rhino owners dated September 11, 2006, Yamaha offers further safety tips regarding how to safely and effectively operate the Rhino. The height of the Rhino partnered with its narrow wheel base creates a high center of gravity, making the ATV prone to rollover accidents. Even when used at its minimum speed capacity, the Rhino's disproportionate design makes it a hazardous vehicle to operate or ride passenger in.

Yamaha Rhino Safety Issues

Though Yamaha has made alternative safety measures available to customers, still no acknowledgement of responsibility has been made for a faulty ATV design. Standing behind one of their best selling products, Yamaha has merely made amendments to the Rhino owner's manual and has offered advice for safer operation. The Rhino is still currently available for purchase, despite its unsafe reputation. Owners' have been individually notified through the mail by Yamaha Motor Corporation of the risk of sudden rollover when making sharp turns at any speed. Additionally, directions of how to properly steer a Rhino that is beginning to roll out of control have been provided by Yamaha Motor Corporation.

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Those involved in the unfortunate accidents believed to be attributed to the poor design of the Rhino have suffered from a wide variety of injuries. From severed limbs and head injuries to broken bones and numerous deaths, the list of those who have experienced a traumatic event as a result of the Yamaha Rhino continues to grow.

Have you or a loved one been severely injured or suffered a loss due to a rollover accident in the Yamaha Rhino? If so, you may be entitled to seek financial restitution from the manufacturers of the product responsible for your injuries. Our lawyers and attorneys are available to you anytime, day or night, to assist you with your case. Do not allow another person to fall victim at the hands of an irresponsible manufacturer. Allow us to assist you during this difficult time, our firm is here to help.

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