Dog Bites and Animal Attacks

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Dog bites and animal attacks are in the news on a regular basis. For instance...

In the early 1990s, an elementary-aged girl living in north central Pennsylvania was viciously mauled by a pair of "friendly" canines owned by her dance teacher. Although she was not killed as a result of the incident, her scalp was partially removed by the dogs before anyone could intervene. As a result, she has had to deal with years of pain and suffering as physicians attempt to restretch the skin on her head. It's the quintessential, if horrifying, example of what can occur as a result of dog bites and animal attacks.

Though we love our pets and enjoy hiking through the woods, dog bites and animal attacks are always a possibility. After all, even the most "domesticated", tame animal may turn, even on their owners or people they see on a regular basis. And wild animals are even more unpredictable (though, ironically, people tend to be more cautious around them.)

Dog bites and animal attacks happen every day, and their victims vary. For instance, a pet might attack its owner or a neighbor; a wild creature may attack a group treading through its perceived "territory"; a dog might sink its teeth into a curious toddler; or an animal may even attack another animal out of aggression or as a defense.

Dog bites and animal attacks don't just hurt the victims; they hurt everyone. They hurt the witnesses to the attacks; they hurt the families of the victims; and they hurt the reputations of other animals.

In most cases, dog bites and animal attacks are preventable, usually by the owner of the dog or other animal. If you or someone you love has experienced dog bites and animal attacks, we urge you to call our law firm today.

Our law firm has a great deal of experience with dog bites and animal attacks. We understand that, often, dog bites and animal attacks occur without provocation and sometimes in the most benign of circumstances.

Though you may be hesitant to pursue legal recourse, remember that dog bites and animal attacks have lasting effects (and they are not always physical.) The person attacked may become paranoid about all animals, thus reducing his or her ability to enjoy life fully, especially if he or she has pets. The individual might also develop insomnia or depression after the attack. Regardless of the long-term effects, we believe that all victims deserve to be represented fairly so they can receive the compensation they deserve.

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