Welding Fumes & Manganese Poisoning

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Exposure to the toxic fumes from the use of welding rods may result in a condition known as manganism. Manganism is similar in symptoms to Parkinson's disease. Some of the symptoms of this malady are poor memory, muscle stiffness, tremors, slurred speech, a blank affect, and problems swallowing. These symptoms are also been attributed to Parkinson's disease and are in fact manganism is classified as a Parkinson's syndrome. Health risks associated with welding fumes can be devastating. If you believe you or a member of your family are suffering the effects of exposure to welding fumes and manganese, consult with your doctor and then speak to a qualified tort lawyer to pursue legal remedies.

Manganese is present in the environment and consequentially small amounts can be found in many substances. Further trace amounts are considered necessary for human development. However, manganese exposure in higher concentration such as by exposure to welding fumes can be devastating to the brain and development. The effects can be permanent. This Parkinson's-like disease is often referred to as welder's disease, and as the name implies, welders are especially vulnerable to welding fumes and manganese poisoning. The structure of the brain that appears to be most vulnerable in manganism is the region called the substantia nigra. This area of the brain appears to be connected to movement and manganism like all Parkinson's diseases can result in the inability to move. Victims of manganese poisoning often are exposed through inhalation. It has also been suggested that exposure of less than two months may result is significant and permanent illness.

Early warning signs for welding fumes and manganese poisoning can include any or all of the following; muscle cramps, lethargy, insomnia, loss of equilibrium, weakness, headaches, and memory loss. Should you be experiencing any of these symptoms and have been exposed to manganese from welding fumes, visit your doctor for a complete evaluation. Medication can be used to treat some of the symptoms of Manganism; so receiving prompt treatment can make a world of difference in the quality of life a victim of manganism.

There is some evidence that welders were exposed to welding fumes and manganese poisoning even after industry leaders became aware of the health risks, increasing the exposure of toxic fumes and increasing the risk of having repercussions to their health. Tort lawsuits can help victims tackle the high costs associated with the central nervous system illnesses associated with welding fumes and manganese poisoning. Contact a welding fumes injury attorney today.


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Welding Fumes and Manganese Poisoning happens and if you've been exposed to these dangers and are having any symptoms first contact a doctor, second contact our legal team for a case review.