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Toxic tort lawyers are uniquely trained to help victims of exposure to chemicals and poisons whose exposure can lead to devastating illness. Torts are injuries, and toxic torts are injuries resulting from toxic materials. Examples of theses kinds of injuries and disease can be seen in cases of chemical exposure to benzene, creosote, and PCBs. These particular chemicals are associated with cancers and have been designated as carcinogens by organizations such as the EPA. The need for Toxic Tort Lawyers has steadily increased over the years because of the sheer volume of toxic materials manufacturing and industrialization generate. Toxic tort lawyers keep appraised on the types of chemical byproducts that lead to disease, understand the symptomology associated with exposure to the substances, and the laws governing litigation and statutes of limitations involved.

Toxic tort lawyers may be called upon to represent victims exposed to asbestos, benzene, PCBs, Agent Orange, molds, toxic waste, radiation and a host of other nasty substances. They represent a wide cross section of people including those exposed in their homes or neighborhoods, and those exposed on the job. Toxic tort lawyers often represent groups of people in class actions suits exposed by single entities or across an industry. Many clients of toxic tort lawyers have been exposed to diseases and illnesses that range from diseases of the skin, nervous system, cardiac system or who face cancer and profound disabilities and death due to the negligence of others. Government or industry could have prevented some of the injuries and illness that toxic tort lawyers try. Delays in reporting on behalf of industry has in some cases lead to delays in safety procedures that could have saved countless victims suffering. An example of this is that it is suspected that industry leaders failed to promptly report research that indicated welding fumes led to a devastating neurological disease.

Another important element in seeking a qualified toxic tort lawyer is statutes of limitations on many of these cases. The statutes may vary according to the jurisdiction in which you reside, that is why timeliness in seeking legal advice is so relevant. Indeed it is also important that your toxic tort lawyer has ample opportunity to collect relevant evidence. The sooner a toxic tort lawyer can begin an investigation, the more likely they are to collect testimony and evidence. If you feel that you or a loved one has been exposed to a toxic substance and as a result are suffering from illness or disease, getting prompt help can make all the difference in the world. If you are facing a prolonged illness, your health is the primary concern.


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