Lead Poisoning

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Lead poisoning has come to the attention of consumers and health professionals and a dangerous and possibly fatal contamination for adults and children. Exposure to certain levels of lead and exposure over an extended time period has been proven to cause severe and sometimes deadly health problems of the nervous system, kidneys and brain.

Lead is a natural earthly substance. The metal can be found in soil, but is usually a result of human manipulation, such as making paint or burning fossil fuel. Lead has many positive uses, however, misuse or mishandling can lead to overexposure and possible medical problems. Due to health concerns of lead poisoning, many manufacturers have limited use of lead in products in recent years.

Lead poisoning can occur in several different ways. Lead can be inhaled as dust particles. This can include lead naturally occurring in soil, or through activities such as remodeling a house that contains lead paint or hobbies that include lead, such as metal soldering. Lead can also be ingested. Water may contain lead. Young children may also ingest lead through paint chips in older houses or by eating dirt contaminated with lead. The effects of lead poisoning are equally as dangerous no matter how the lead is introduced to the body. Effects on children are much more dangerous due to the lesser amounts required to do damage.

Lead poisoning in children can cause anemia, stomachaches, and muscle weakness. In more serious cases, overexposure to lead can stunt growth, both physical and mental, and can even cause brain damage. Lead poisoning can also effect and unborn child whose mother was exposed to lead. Effected babies may be born smaller, have learning difficulties as infants and may be born prematurely. Miscarriage is another possibility.

In adults, lead poisoning has been shown to cause muscle weakness and may increase blood pressure. Exposure may also cause anemia. In pregnant women, lead poisoning may lead to miscarriage; in men, lead poisoning may inhibit sperm production. Lead poisoning in adults can also cause brain damage and possible death. A link between lead and cancer has not been confirmed in humans, however it is believed by the EPA that lead may be a carcinogen.

A blood test can be performed to detect levels of lead in the body. Blood tests are recommended for all children between the ages of one and two and for older children who have been exposed to lead or if a sibling has lead poisoning.

If you or someone you know was the victim of lead poisoning, you have rights. You may be entilted to financial restitution for your pain and suffering, but if you hesitate the statute of limitation time resitrictions in your state could prevent you from taking legal action. Do not delay one more second. Contact our lead poisoning lawyers today, and get the justice you deserve tomorrow.


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Lead poisoning and exposure to lead can be deadly, if you are a lead poisoning victim -contact us today for free review of the situation.