Dangerous Trades and High Risk Jobs

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Would it shock you to learn that there are thousands of trades and high risk jobs available to workers? Probably not. But you might be surprised at the titles of some of those trades and high risk jobs and exactly what makes them so dangerous. For instance, did you know that manicurists are at risk because they deal with the fumes and liquid residue of chemical solvents all day?

Below are three specific trades and high risk jobs under the category of "grounds maintenance" (which seems like a harmless occupation and is even one frequently sought-after by teens or college students during their summer breaks) as determined by the National Institute of Health (NIH):

Trades and high risk jobs example #1:
Pesticide Handlers, Sprayers, & Applicators - These workers are in constant contact with insecticides and rodent excrement, handle agents that can cause dermatitis, and may even work in tick infested areas.

Trades and high risk jobs example #2:
Grounds Maintenance Workers (general) - These laborers must apply insecticides, clean pools, inhale moldy compost or dust (including that from the feces of birds, chicken coots, rodents, or bats), spray clorothalonil, and saw or sand arsenic- or creosote-treated wood.

Trades and high risk jobs example #3:
Tree Trimmers & Pruners - These individuals machine allergenic wood, inhale dust, touch plants that contain thorns or splinters, and work in tick-infected areas.

Are these trades and high risk jobs seemingly benign? Yes. But are they potentially dangerous? Absolutely.

That's exactly why many workers who choose trades and high risk jobs (whether they knew the risk before they joined or not) become injured either while at work or after long-time exposure working in a certain environment. And it's not just grounds maintenance personnel who are at risk - the trades and high risk jobs span across many fields, including arts & media, cleaning & pest control, construction, food service, food processing, logging, material moving, textiles, welding, and woodworking.

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