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If you are a family who has a child who suffered complications during birth and developed cerebral palsy you may be eligible to file a cerebral palsy  lawsuit and seek compensation.

Our experienced, aggressive lawyers are now investigating claims from families who have children who have been affected by this condition due to an abnormal or difficult childbirth. Please contact us as soon as possible to ensure that all of your legal rights are protected.

There may be legal time limits involved in certain cases and the earlier you contact us the more effectively we can begin pursuing compensation in cases in which eligibility is determined.

Free consultations are being offered to advise families about the legal options that may be available to them in seeking compensation for the medical costs, treatment costs, pain and suffering or other expenses that may have been incurred as a result of this product.

Cerebral palsy is a birth injury that occurs when an infant's brain suffers damage before or during birth and most often when the child is unable to get enough oxygen to feed the brain. It is the responsibility of the medical team to ensure that negligence is prevented during such a crucial time as the birthing process.


If there were medical complications during your child's birth your family is not alone. National health statistics show that there are about 12,000 new diagnoses of cerebral palsy in the United States each year.

Among the most common types of lawsuits filed over this condition are those filed for cerebral palsy, which occurs when the motor control centers of the developing brain are damaged. This can occur over a long period of time, including during pregnancy or up until a child reaches three years of age.

Another condition, Erb's Palsy, occurs when there is an injury affecting the nerves of an infant's arms, most frequently during an abnormal or difficult childbirth, and paralysis develops.

Families place a great deal of trust in physicians, health care professionals and hospital staffs. This reliance on professional care, unfortunately, sometimes can have devastating results when medical mistakes occur or medical malpractice is committed.

Cerebral palsy lawsuits filed on behalf of families whose infants have this disability show that the conditions can cause lifelong suffering and require constant treatment involving huge expenses.

The doctors, nurses and medical team are expected to ensure safe and proper treatment to the mother and child before, during, and after birth.

However, there are times, as numerous cerebral palsy lawsuits have proven, that the standard of medical care falls below this standard and medical mistakes are made during the birth of a child. There are several warning signs that a medical mistake may have caused your child to suffer from cerebral palsy.

For instance, when birth complications occur, the medical team sometimes uses a variety of techniques, including caesarean sections, vacuum extractions and the use of forceps to birth the infant.

In such cases, cerebral palsy lawsuits have shown that the fetus may have suffered hypoxia and not been able to get enough oxygen. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation might have been required. Other warning signs might be if your child suffered seizures and required special medical attention or a specialist was called in.

Our experienced, nationwide team of attorneys have a depth of knowledge and the resources available to ensure a detailed investigation of the circumstances of your child's birth and determine your eligibility to file a cerebral palsy lawsuit.


If you have a child who is suffering from cerebral palsy you are probably aware that your family is going to face expenses that probably will be much higher than the costs of raising a normal child. Some studies have estimated that these costs can be more than $900,000 more than the normal expenses of raising a child.

If your infant suffered cerebral palsy as a result of medical malpractice you should preserve all of your legal options to obtain the compensation that you may be eligible for to offset these astronomical expenses. If you contact our legal team for a free consultation we can review your eligibility to file a cerebral palsy lawsuit and seek this compensation.

What are some of these costs? Here are some of the most common for which the families of cerebral palsy victims have been compensated:

  • Medical costs
  • Doctor visits
  • Nursing costs
  • Prescriptions
  • Hospital costs
  • Emergency room costs
  • Transportation costs
  • Residential care
  • Car modifications
  • Home modifications
  • Special education
  • Lost wages
  • Out-of-pocket costs

These expenses can accumulate quickly and overwhelm a family. But you should know that millions of dollars in compensation have been paid out to families who are eligible to file a cerebral palsy lawsuit.

Please contact our legal team as soon as possible in order to insure that all of your legal options to seek compensation are preserved in cases n which negligence has occurred.


The Mayo Clinic has a detailed outline of the medical resources available for cerebral palsy patients. These are the specialists who provide medical care, treatment and corrective development:

  • Pediatrician or physiatrist, who oversees the treatment plan and medical care
  • Pediatric neurologist, who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders in children
  • Orthopedist, who treats muscle and bone disorders
  • Occupational therapist, who specializes in therapy to develop everyday skills and to use adaptive products that help with everyday activities
  • Developmental therapist, who specializes in therapy to help your child develop age-appropriate behaviors, social skills and interpersonal skills
  • Mental health provider, such as a psychologist or psychiatrist
  • Social worker, who assists the family with accessing services and planning for transitions in care
  • Special education teacher, who addresses learning disabilities, determines educational needs and identifies appropriate educational resources


Dealing with the realization that your child suffers from cerebral palsy can cause emotional and financial problems that can overwhelm any family. However, it is very important in such difficult circumstances that this devastation does not cause a family to overlook their legal options.

If your child's condition occurred as a result of what happened during the birthing process there may be compensation available through a cerebral palsy lawsuit that would hold those responsible liable for their actions or lack of action.

Please take advantage of our offer of free consultation in which you will be able to determine your eligibility to file a cerebral palsy lawsuit. Keep in mind that there may be legal time limits involved, depending upon the circumstances of your case.

This means that it is very important that you contact us as soon as possible to preserve all of your legal options to seek the maximum


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