Cancer Misdiagnosis

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There are very few diseases that are as frightening and dangerous as cancer. When someone gets the news that they have been stricken with this horrible disease, a myriad of emotions must purge the mind. Even the most positive prognosis will leave you emotionally crippled for a while.

Many wonder why in this day and age, with all of our technology, why we haven't cured this disease. Granted great strides have been made but cancer is still one of the top 10 killers in the USA today. Another phenomenon we are faced with is why cancer is misdiagnosed so often. Reports indicate that cancer is misdiagnosed up to 20 percent of the time.

What is the reason for these cancer misdiagnoses? Some blame the doctors. It takes careful and accurate interpretation of test results to diagnose cancer correctly. If this isn't done then they run the risk of cancer misdiagnosis. Another possible explanation is the constant reliance on machinery. Medical equipment has also made great strides however, we could be expecting too much from it. Some equipment used carries a 30 percent margin of error rate. This combined with increased reliance on machinery makes the possibility of cancer misdiagnosis ever greater.

You may be wondering, what are the effects of a cancer misdiagnosis? Well, they can be devastating. Imagine being told that you had cancer only to find out later that this was a mistake. On the surface, this may not sound so bad, but imagine, in the mean time you endured unnecessary surgeries and treatments. Suppose you endured month of chemotherapy and its side effects only o find out that your doctor had made a cancer misdiagnosis. Yes, you would be grateful to be alive but what about all of the misery you endured.

The opposite can be even more devastating. Suppose you had gone for testing and had been given an incorrect clean bill of health. While you think everything is fine, cancer is growing and possibly spreading through your body. By the time it is found it could be too late. In either situation, Cancer misdiagnosis you may have rights to monetary compensation. A medical malpractice lawyer can advise you best on your rights and the merits of your case. No one should have top suffer the physical and emotional trauma of cancer let alone a cancer misdiagnosis. Get a second opinion and if necessary get legal advice.

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Cancer misdiagnosis can have devistating results, contact a malpractice lawyer if you feel like you've been misdiagnosed.