DNA Paternity Test

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If there is any doubt that someone is the father of a child, a DNA paternity test could be the perfect tool to protect the interests of everyone involved. Below are some of the benefits of a DNA paternity test:

1. Benefits of DNA paternity test to the child...

Obviously, it makes sense for a child to know who his or her father is for personal and emotional bonding reasons. Even if a child is adopted, the yearning to know his or her biological parents usually surfaces at some point during his or her growth.

A DNA paternity test can also help a child by allowing him or her to know his or her medical history. This could be an invaluable lifesaver should symptoms of a genetically-carried disease ever surface.

2. Benefits of DNA paternity test to the father...

If a man is uncertain whether a child is his, the bonding between the two can and usually will be compromised. He is unlikely to feel fatherly affection toward a son or daughter whom he believes was conceived with his wife or significant other by another man. Thus, a DNA paternity test can assist him in being able to know whether a child is truly his.

Additionally, a DNA paternity test can help a man who believes he may be paying child support for a youngster who is not genetically related to him. In fact, if a DNA paternity test determines he is not the father, he may be owed monetary compensation for any support he gave the guardian of the child.

3. Benefits of DNA paternity test to the mother...

If the mother of a child has any doubt as to who the child's father might be, a DNA paternity test will give her the answer. And if she is seeking child support, a DNA paternity test will be critical in determining how much support the youngster will receive.


These benefits of a DNA paternity test clearly help the relationship between all parties involved. And a DNA paternity test may be a boon to grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other relatives who want to know whether a child is related to them biologically.

We can assist you in understanding the legal role a DNA paternity test plays. Call or email us, and a representative will soon be in touch to set up a no-obligation consultation with one of our legal professionals.

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