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March 28, 2013 - Domusindo Perdana drop-side crib Recall

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a recall for about 73,000 PT Domusindo Perdana drop-side cribs because they pose an entrapment and suffocation hazard.

The cribs were sold exclusively at JC Penney through their website and catalog from January 1998 through December 2008 for between $200 and $400.

The CPSC says the the drop sides can "malfunction, detach or otherwise fail" causing them to create a space in which an infant or toddler can become trapped.

The recall applies to the following 14 models of PT Domusindo Perdana wooden drop-side cribs:
Model # 343-1509 Jenny Lind Crib with date code 01/1991-12/1997151
Model # 343-3810 Christopher Crib with date code 2001151
Model # 343-5500 Early American Crib with date code 01/1998-12/1999151
Model # 343-6771 Scottsdale Crib with date code 01/1998/12/1999151
Model # 343-7100 Sleigh Crib without Rosette with date code 01/2004-12/2006
Model # 343-7134 Sleigh Crib with date code 01/2001-2/2004
Model # 343-7144 Anniversary Sleigh Crib with date code 01/2002-12/2004
Model # 343-7753 Kristin Crib with date code 01/1998-12/1999
Model # 343-8249 Cameron Crib with date code 01/1998/12/1999
Model # 343-8020 Solid Panel Sleigh Crib with date code 01/2001-12/2002
Model # 343-8070 Roll Bar Convertible Crib with date code 01/2004-12/2005
Model # 343-8155 Anniversary Convertible Sleigh Crib with date code 01/2002-12/2006
Model # 343-8200 Spindle Convertible Crib with date code 01/2001-12/2005
Mode # 343-8913 Bella 3-in-1 Crib with date code 01/2005-12/2008

The codes are printed on the plywood mattress board.

Consumers should immediately stop using the crib and contact customer service at Modus Furniture at 800-827-2129. The phone line is open Monday through from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Dorel Asia Crib Recall

635,000 Dorel Asia Cribs Recalled for infant Risk.

Dorel Asia SLR has now issued a complete recall of 635,000 baby cribs for a possible suffocation and strangulation hazards. It has been reported that one infant has died due to this recalled crib.

According to the CPSC the problem is in the hardware that holds the side up, which may fall or fail and could potentially suffocate a child.

A statement from the CPSC, "When the drop side detaches it creates a space in which an infant or toddler can become entrapped and suffocate or strangle,".

Hopefully this information reaches parents before any injury happens.

-----END OF Dorel Asia Crib Recall notice-----------

The CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) said parents should immediately stop using Stork Craft drop-side cribs, which are made by Stork Craft Manufacturing Inc., of British Columbia, Canada.

Close to 1.2 million of these defective baby cribs has been sold in the US. This crib recall is for the Stork Craft drop side cribs with the Fisher-Price emblem.

The affected cribs were sold as big box retailers including WalMart, Sears, Target and online from

The issue with the defective cribs is the plastic hardware that attaches to the drop-side of the crib; this piece can unexpectedly detach and create a space between the crib wall and mattress. Possible fall injuries and or a suffocation risk are present.

This is the second crib recall from Stork Craft, back in January the company recalled 535,000 cribs for safety issues.

If you’ve had a baby or small child hurt from a fall or worse from these defective cribs, contact our lawyers today for free case evaluation.

Other Crib Recalls: Convertible Cribs by Playkids USA

Convertible cribs are manufactured by Playkids USA.  Playkids USA has recently announced that, in cooperation with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), it is recalling its line of convertible cribs.  The recall involves approximately 2,000 units.  The reason is that the sides of the crib are made of mesh, but when the mesh expands it creates room for an infant’s body to become entrapped in that space, leading to a risk of injuries and even suffocation.

This recall was prompted by a report of a 5-month-old infant in Brooklyn, NY who became trapped in that problematic space and suffocated as a result.  Specifically, the recall involves the Playkids U.S.A. convertible crib/playpen/bassinet/bed with model number PLK-909. "Playkids U.S.A." can be found on the packaging and on a label sewn into the side of the crib. The model number can be found on the packaging.

Dangerous Infant Toy Products

:Other infant products, not including toys, which have been reported as recalled by the US CPSC include the following examples:

  • Best Friends Yin Yang Necklaces Sets – This product was recalled because it was found to lead to dangerous lead exposure in children.
  • My Way Corp.’s Baby Walkers – The walkers have been recalled because of a stairway fall hazard.
  • Rack Room Shoes Inc.’s Girls’ Sandals – These sandals were shown to present an unreasonable risk of choking by the child because of the detachable flowers on the shoes that can be swallowed.
Your Next Step:

Of course, these are only a few examples of dangerous infant products that have been recalled due to the unreasonable danger they present.  If someone you love has been injured or worse because of a defective product that’s led to infant injury or death, you need to act now to protect your rights.  Contact a defective products lawyer as soon as possible to schedule a free initial consultation.

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