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NEWS: May 6, 2009

A  Florida family is moving out of their new 1.2 million dollar home due to Chinese made drywall. The story from CNN tells of the horror story one family is currently facing.

Yorelle Haroush is quoted in the CNN story, "It's making me sick. Physically, mentally and emotionally, making me sick," said the 18-year-old, who is pregnant with her first child.
Their doctor, Dr. Ross Nochimson, is concered with the ongoing illness the family has been facing since moving in to the Parkland, Florida home. He is quoted in the story:  "I said, 'you can't stay there anymore, because you're sick every minute,'" "They're sick on a weekly basis. Earaches, sore throat. I give them something, and they're sick again."
The Florida Department of Health has had 330 complaints related to defective Chinese made drywall.

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The United States went through a building boom for several years after the turn of the century, and for a time companies struggled to keep up with demand.  Unfortunately, this led to many different builders cutting corners in order to meet deadlines and to come in under budget for the homes they had agreed to build.

Many problems arose around the country as a result of these rush jobs, and one specific issue has drawn public scrutiny in areas of Florida and Virginia.  That issue is defective drywall, which may sound relatively innocuous until one considers the damage that such a defective product can cause in a home and even the potential health risks involved. 

The entities currently being sued by homeowners include German drywall maker Knauf Gips KG, its Chinese plasterboard units and several U.S. homebuilders who put the homes up during this boom.  The problems began when people noticed that their heating and cooling systems began to malfunction and ultimately failed, and others noticed a smell of ‘rotten eggs’ emanating from the walls of their homes. 

This smell was sulfuric in nature, and while no known cause has yet been identified, early speculation is that while these products were awaiting permission from the US government to be imported, they sat at sea for months at a time and became contaminated.  This contamination ultimately led to the damage done.

  • Specifically, the damages to homes included:
  • Corrosion of air cooling coils
  • Corrosion of heating vents
  • Rotting of walls
  • Noxious smells
  • Deteriorating wiring
  • Corroding plumbing

Clearly, these are serious issues that make any home, especially one in Florida, uninhabitable.  This problem does not yet even deal with the potential for health problems to arise in those who lived in these homes and inhaled the fumes from the gases released from the drywall products.

Chinese Drywall Class Action Lawsuit

The homeowners who have been harmed by these defective products have had to spend thousands of dollars repairing the costly damage that has been done inside their walls.  Many others could potentially develop respiratory or circulatory problems from inhaling these fumes for long periods of time, especially those who are older and/or young children.

If you or someone you love has been harmed by this situation, you need to act now to protect your rights.  Contact a defective products attorney as soon as possible to schedule a free initial consultation and to get the process of holding the parties responsible for this situation accountable.

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