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More and more children's products are hitting the market that promote interactivity, creativity and are geared towards intellectual development. One of those products that's sold quite well recently include Aqua Dots, a toy bead set that's manufactured and distributed by Spin Master of Toronto, Canada. This product was sold at a massive level for a period of months during 2007, and it's proven to be quite popular for parents of children under the age of three.

However, recent news reports have been disseminated that have drawn attention to Aqua Dots because of a potential link between their use and the development of serious injuries and health problems in children who use them. Below is a look at the product, the problems that have arisen and what your next step should be if you've been affected by this issue.

Aqua Dots Beads Toy

Aqua Dots are sold basically as a kit, and they include a series of beads and thread that can be taken apart and used by children to design their own jewelry. The product works with water, in that the children who used the product would design some sort of jewelry of their choice, and when finished, the children would add water to the design so that the beads would fuse together, thereby resulting in a completed piece of jewelry.

Voluntary Recall on Aqua Dots

Recently, reports have arisen in conjunction with Aqua Dots that have brought Spin Master and its product under intense scrutiny. The main cog behind the dissemination of these reports is the United States Consumer Products Safety Commission, which has alerted the public of the link between Aqua Dots and serious injuries. The result is that as of now, Aqua Dots have been voluntarily recalled.

The injuries that have been reported include two reports concerning children who swallowed the dots. Each of these children became immediately ill, and these illnesses included intense vomiting and seizures, and each child in question also slipped into a comatose state for a period of time. As of this report, neither child has died, but each has suffered tremendously.

Hurt or Injured by Aqua Dots toy?

If you have purchased this product, remove it from the reach of your children immediately. You also have the option of returning the product to Spin Master for replacement beads or for a product of equal value. However, if your child has ingested any of the beads in question, you need to seek immediate medical attention.

After you've taken these initial protective steps, you should contact a defective products attorney as soon as possible if your child has suffered in any way as a result of using this product. You may have legal rights and options available to you.

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