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A potential class action lawsuit may offer compensation from settlements for problems with the following Shoulder Pain Pumps: Brands include: I-Flow, On-Q Pump, Stryker, Breg shoulder pumps.

Implanted in to the shoulder joint during surgery, intra-articular shoulder pain pumps are becoming more commonly used in the medical field as a solution to pain management for such things as a Locked Shoulder or other Shoulder Injury. The pain pumps have been recently linked to a very painful condition called Post-arthroscopic Glenohumeral Chondrolysis or PAGCL.

Arthroscopic surgery was designed to be less invasive of the human body, it consists of two small incisions, one for surgical tools, and the other for a camera to view the surgery site. Not only is recovery time faster, but the body is open to fewer complications without an open surgery site.

Pain pumps work up to 72 hours following an arthroscopic surgical procedure of the shoulder. It is a disposable pump that delivers pain medication directly to the surgery site. This direct method of pain relief negates the negative side effects that are often felt after surgery with the uses of various narcotics and pain killers.

PAGCL Condition, What is Chondrolysis?

PAGCL is the severe damage of the cartilage of the shoulder. Believed to be linked to the high dosages of numbing medications that are heavily administered following the procedure, the damage caused is thought to be irreversible. Additionally, the only solution to PAGCL as of yet is to have shoulder replacement surgery. Medications that assist with pain are believed only to worsen the symptoms and possess not long term value in regard treatment or cure. PAGCL begins to develop as early as 2 months after surgery, up until a year following the arthroscopic procedure.

I-Flow, On-Q Pump, Stryker, Breg Shoulder Pain Pump

These pumps can be found under brand names such as the Stryker Pain Pump, Breg Inc, in addition to the I-Flow On-Q Pump These manufacturers are under heavy scrutiny from the medical world, as well as thousands of affected patients.

Take a stand against those who thrive financially at your expense. Seek the Compensation from a Shoulder Pain Pump Injury Lawsuit, for the pain and suffering you and your family have endured.

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