Respironics PLV Continuum Ventilator

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After significant study, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officially recalled the Respironics PLV Continuum Ventilator on March 20, 2006.

The Respironics PLV Continuum Ventilator was used to control or assist breathing in patients and may have been used in settings such as in the home or in institutions. However, a design flaw in the Respironics PLV Continuum Ventilator caused the air flow valve to break, thus stopping the ventilation process.

Respironics California, Inc., the manufacturer of the Respironics PLV Continuum Ventilator, agreed with the FDA's evaluation of its machine and voluntarily mailed letters to all Respironics PLV Continuum Ventilator customers in March 2006. The customers were instructed to stop using the ventilators to treat themselves or patients. Respironics also offered customers suitable Respironics PLV Continuum Ventilator replacements.

Though the FDA's Class 1 Recall was heeded, many customers may not have received the warnings until too late. Though their adverse experiences with the Respironics PLV Continuum Ventilator might not have been fatal, rest assured that they were unpleasant at worst and irritating at best.

Let us not forget, too, those who were friends and loved ones of the persons negatively affected by using the Respironics PLV Continuum Ventilator. Anyone who has watched someone they care about deal with the results of a defective product such as the Respironics PLV Continuum Ventilator knows how difficult the situation can be.

At our law firm, we are committed to helping consumers get the restitution they deserve in cases of product recalls. Our clients have been awarded settlements time and again because of our dogged determination not to allow manufacturers like Respironics California "off the hook." We truly believe that each and every customer has the right to a product that has been fully tested before entering the marketplace.

Though you might not consider yourself the type of person who would ever sue, it's important that you at least understand your rights as a consumer of the Respironics PLV Continuum Ventilator. By contacting our law office and discussing your situation with an experienced legal professional, you'll be able to better decide which route to take. In fact, you may realize that filing a claim is not only lucrative, it's critical. After all, companies like Respironics California need to be held responsible when they put a product like the Respironics PLV Continuum Ventilator into the consumers' hand.

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