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An ACL surgery is the medical operation or procedure that occurs when someone tears the anterior cruciate ligament inside the knee. When the ACL is not in proper form, the knee loses stability and needs to be rebuilt. When a tear occurs in the ACL people may hear or even feel a popping sensation. There can also be swelling of the knee area when a tear happens - many times people will stumble or fall once this takes place.

As a result of new knee surgical techniques, a few companies began to develop products that would make a complete knee replacement operation and the recovery process easier for the patient. But the question is how affective are these knee implant devices - and are they safe?


Types of Knee Replacements and Injuries.

The knee surgery products now on the market include devices from a few companies. Smith & Nephew, Inc created two different types of products for both ACL and total knee replacements called the Calaxo Bone Screws, and the Oxinium Genesis II, and Profix II brand knee replacements.

Other manufacturers include: Zimmer Gender Solutions Knee and NexGen, Stryker Total Knee Replacement Systems, De Puy Corporation's Sigma Rotating Platform and Fixed Bearning products, and DJO Exactech Optetrak Knee System.

Some of the more common problem with some of the devices being reported include: Joint swelling around the knee, chronic pain, loss of flexibility, redness and or irritation in the knee. Blood clots (embolisms) in the leg veins, infection of the site, loosening of the prosthesis from the bone and possible nerve damage.

If you or someone you love has been injured from any of theses knee surgery products, you may have legal rights and options at your disposal. Contact a knee surgery attorney as soon as possible to schedule an initial consultation so you can obtain the answers you need to move forward with a foundation of knowledge. There may be class action lawsuits and settlements starting for these defective knee replacement products.


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