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Johnson and Johnson incorporated developed a device known as the Cypher Stent. It was made primarily for patients who were to undergo angioplasty surgery. In April 2003 the Johnson and Johnson Cypher Stent was given approval by the food and drug administration. There were successes with the Johnson and Johnson Cypher Stent, however some patients did develop problems. In this article we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Johnson and Johnson Cypher Stent. We will also advise those that may have experienced difficulty with the device on what course of action they can take.

What is the Johnson and Johnson Cypher Stent?
The Johnson and Johnson Cypher Stent is a device for those who have had angioplasty surgery. It is a cylindrical piece of metal mesh that is designed to reduce arterial clogging. The device is also coated with a drug that is slowly released into the patients system to reduce re-clogging. The drug-coated stent is known to be potentially dangerous, and hundreds of people have suffered heart stent malfunction due to defective heart stents like the drug coated Cypher Stent.

What were the problems with the Johnson and Johnson Cypher Stent?
The FDA received hundreds of reports from patients who had received this device. They ranged from thrombosis, blood clotting, pain, itching, rash, fever, blood pressure changes and respiratory problems. Some people have died as a result of post-operative conditions. Other side effects include:

  • Drug Coated Stent-related deep vein thrombosis

  • Drug Coated Stent-related heart attack

  • Drug Coated Stent-related stroke

  • Drug Coated Stent-related pulmonary embolism

  • Drug Coated Stent-related blood clots

  • Drug Coated Stent-related death

What if someone I know has had the Johnson and Johnson Cypher Stent?
If they have not experienced any difficulty then they should continue to follow their post operative care instructions and continue to see their doctor as recommended. If they are showing any of the above symptoms then they should contact their doctor immediately.

Is anything being done about the Johnson and Johnson Cypher Stent?
Yes, the FDA is requiring more study into the device. These studies will be focused on post operative situations and are designed to test its long term safety. They are also looking into rare or adverse side effects from the Johnson and Johnson drug coated Cypher Stent.

What are my rights if I have suffered from the Johnson and Johnson Cypher Stent?
You may be entitled to monetary damages, for pain and suffering and or loss of work time. The best thing you can do is contact our drug-coated stent lawyer or drug-coated stent attorney. They will be best able to discuss the merits of your case as well as guide you into what type of compensation you might receive. We can help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact us today.

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The Johnson and Johnson Cypher Stent was designed to help people after their angioplasty surgery.
Unfortunately, problems have developed. If you have suffered, you may be entitled to compensation. Get legal advice as quickly as possible. Updated 3/06/2013