Cardinal Health Alaris Pump Danger & Recall

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Risks of Overinfusion

Recent news of Cardinal Health’s voluntary recall of its Alaris Pump modules, model 8100, which is formerly known as the Medley Pump Module, has led to a rightfully fretful reaction on the part of patients all over the world.  This reaction is especially widespread in that the product model that has been recalled was distributed to 46 states in the United States as well as the District of Columbia, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico and Saudi Arabia. 

There are many reasons to be extremely concerned about this recall, and below is a look at what the danger is in regards to the Alaris Pump model in question.  In the meantime, if you have been harmed or placed in a situation of undue risk because of your dependence on this pump to maintain your health and viability, you need to contact a defective medical device attorney as soon as possible to schedule an initial consultation.

Alaris Pump 8100 malfunction

The specific problem that the malfunction of the Alaris Pump causes is known as ‘overinfusion.’  Overinfusion means that a patient’s heart is filled with too much blood and sometimes other fluids, which can lead to an enlarged heart.  An enlarged heart, even if it’s temporary in nature, is an extremely dangerous condition. 

When a heart is enlarged, the most daunting aspect of a situation such as this one is that often times, the patient does not necessarily realize the problem until it’s way too late to safely reverse the condition.  This issue is only compounded by the fact that the springs in the pump that’s been recalled do not simply fail completely – they work intermittently, which creates a situation where the patient will not have any idea as to what could be wrong, assuming he or she even realizes that something is wrong.

Simply put, patients who are depending on this product can suffer sudden death if the problem is not corrected.  If you are using this product, you are in danger, and you need to take immediate steps to correct the issue.  The first step you need to take is to immediately schedule a full medical evaluation.  Tell your doctor’s office that you may be using a heart pump that’s been recalled, and you need to schedule the appointment as soon as possible.

After your medical evaluation is complete, contact a defective medical device attorney to discuss your legal rights and options.  You have been placed in a situation where your life is in danger, and you may have every right to take steps to hold those responsible for this situation accountable.  Contact an attorney today to get this process started. 

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Contact an attorney if you've been hurt by a Cardinal Health's Alaris Pump modules model 8100, also known as the Medley Pump Module. Updated 3/06/2013