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Thousands of patients who have used the blood thinner Plavix have been stunned to learn that aspirin may be a better preventer of heart attacks and strokes at a fraction of the cost and with much less serious side effects. Many of these patients who trusted the medication have suffered from serious gastrointestinal bleeding, cerebral bleeding, bleeding ulcers and several other devastating side effects that have caused the Food and Drug Administration to order Plavix to change its warning labels to reflect these dangers, some of which have been identified as life-threatening.

Now, an increasing number of these patients are joining in a growing wave of Plavix lawsuits in which they are suing the drug’s manufacturer over allegations that include false claims, medical costs, failure to warn consumers of dangerous side effects and drug defects. If you’ve suffered from these, or any other of the harmful side effects that we will outline you should contact our experienced legal team for a free consultation about your legal options to obtain the compensation you may be due as a result of Plavix.

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There already have been numerous Plavix lawsuits filed in state and federal courts across the country against pharmaceutical giants Bristol-Myers Squibb and Sanofi Aventis on behalf of victims of Plavix side effects. The allegations from these lawsuits are public record and make similar claims challenging Plavix’s claims of effectiveness and the safety of the medication. These lawsuits note that it took years for the labeling on Plavix to be changed and reflect some of these dangerous side effects and allege that the company’s marketing campaign puts profits ahead of consumer safety. The claims also detail strokes, heart attacks and bleeding problems that the plaintiffs say is directly attributable to their Plavix use.

Misinforming patients and doctors, concealing information about drug defects and failing to warn consumers and regulators are serious allegations, particularly in the case of Plavix, which was advertised and sold as a “super aspirin” and generated billions of dollars in sales for the manufacturer. Those billions of dollars in sales can be the basis for large amounts of damages in settlements and jury awards that may grow out of the case if these allegations are proven true.

Our experienced Plavix lawyers have aggressively and successfully pursued many drug-defect cases on behalf of victims. Our legal team has the capability to exhaustively research the records and results involved with the development and approval of medications. Many of the details of these clinical trials and insider information are not public record but they are subject to the requests of our lawyers on behalf of you. Many of the allegations involved in Plavix lawsuits deal with whether drugmakers Bristol-Myers Squibb and Sanofi Aventis properly researched the effects of Plavix and ensured that it would be safe for consumers. There is also the question of whether, in the face of such a large number of reports of problems, that the company became aware of defects in the drug but failed to notify consumers and government regulators as required by law.

The history of drug-defect litigation such as the Plavix lawsuits shows that in many circumstances when similar allegations against a common defendant are made the massive numbers of such cases may require that they be consolidated into what is called a multi-district litigation. That means that cases from all across the country are brought before a federal judge who oversees evidence-gathering and pre-trial legal activities. It is not uncommon for these cases to be designated as class-action lawsuits in which multi-million dollar settlements are reached on behalf of the victims. Are you eligible? Contact us as soon as possible for a free legal consultation about your case.


The Food and Drug Administration was very detailed in the warning that it issued on March 12, 2010 about the fact that some patients may not be able to metabolize the medication and thus be put "at risk for heart attack, stroke and cardiovascular death".

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Here are some of the symptoms collected from Plavix warning labels, FDA announcements and Plavix lawsuit claims which may indicate the danger of gastrointestinal or cerebral bleeding, hemorrhaging, TTP, ulcers and severe heart problems:
• Difficulty in breathing
• Chest pains
• Persistent headache
• Fever or chills
• Problems in speaking
• Repeated incidents of easy bruising
• Repeated incidents of minor bleeding
• Severe allergic reactions
• Swelling of the face, mouth, lips or tongue
• Tarry, black-colored stools
• Urinary problems
• Stomach pains
• Side pains
• Back pains
• Unexplained weight loss
• Increased menstrual bleeding
• Unexplained vaginal bleeding

If you take or have taken Plavix and are suffering from these symptoms you should immediately contact your physician for an examination. If you have been diagnosed with a Plavix-caused illness please contact our legal team as soon as possible so that we can aggressively begin pursuing your legal options.


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The FDA recommended that patients who have concern about their use of Plavix contact their health care professionals about the use of the drug. If you have been diagnosed as a "poor metabolizer" of Plavix and suffered from these side effects you also have the option of invoking your legal rights against the drug’s manufacturer. Please contact our legal team as soon as possible for a free consultation so that we can begin an aggressive representation on your behalf.

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