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One of the more overlooked health problems experienced by countless women across the world is that of urinary incontinence.  This condition that basically involved problems with bladder control can be caused by many things, and its results can be surprisingly devastating if it’s not treated carefully and properly.

As a result, many companies dedicated resources including time, money, equipment and professionals to formulate a product that would help treat this problem, and some efforts proved to be successful in terms of getting a product that seemed to help the situation to market.  Specifically, one of these products was known as the transobturator vaginal sling, which was made by Mentor Corporation.  This product was more commonly known as “OB Tape.

What is the Mentor OB Tape?

OBTape was approved for marketing, sale and distribution in the United States in 2003, and it enjoyed a high degree of success after hitting the market.  The OBTape is implanted in order to help in effect replace and/or reinforce the already-weakened muscles of the urethra.  This surgical procedure was designed to be simple and to allow for a fast recovery.

During the time the OBTape Vaginal Sling was on the market, it was implanted into an estimated 35,000 women, and for a time, the results reported were generally quite positive, as were those of the competing products on the market.  However, it wasn’t long before problems began to arise and serious consequences began to unfold for many women who trusted this product.

Mentor OB Tape Side effects

Unfortunately, the run on the market for the OBTape product lasted only three years because of the problems it was encountering.  Specifically, the OBTape sling was manufactured a bit differently than competing products, which meant that instead of being woven it was simply manufactured as one single unit.  What this meant as a result was that instead of allowing nutrients and oxygen to flow between the unit and the woman’s body like those other products, the Mentor OBTape prevented this from happening.

This led to serious side effects, including debilitating vaginal pain, serious internal bleeding and no help whatsoever with the bladder control problems the product was designed to eliminate.  Additionally, the only step that could be taken to correct the problem was an additional procedure to remove it, which was invasive in nature.

Your Next Step if injured from OB Tape

If you or someone you love has been injured as a result of using the OBTape product, you need to contact a defective products lawyer as soon as possible to schedule a free initial consultation.  You may have legal rights and options that need to be explored, but you’ll need the help of an attorney to do so.  Get that process started today.

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