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For those diagnosed with Parkinson's disease (a disorder of the central nervous system that affects muscle control), Mirapex is often their physicians' prescription of choice. (As a side note, Parkinson's disease is not fatal; in fact, most Parkinson's disease patients have a life expectancy similar to that of their peers.)

Mirapex treats the symptoms of Parkinson's by assisting the body's dopamine receptors, helping them properly function. However, the side effects of Mirapex make deciding whether its use is "worth it" questionable indeed.

For example, Mirapex has been shown to cause the following adverse effects in patients using the drug: fainting, hallucinations, weight loss, weakness, twitching, insomnia, stomach upset, and drowsiness. It has also been known to cause hypersexuality, overeating, and even compulsive gambling in rare, but documented, cases.

Such side effects (especially the latter), though they may sound isolated or even somewhat benign, can result in a severe loss of freedom for the patient already afflicted with Parkinson's. For example, if an individual is taking Mirapex, he or she may actually wind up having less autonomy than before he or she began the medication. Take, for instance, an ordinary trip to the grocery store. Though Parkinson's disease might make the journey challenging for the individual, Mirapex could render the patient unable to leave the house, concerned that he or she might suddenly faint or experience nausea in the middle of the store.

And let's not forget that Mirapex's gambling and hypersexuality side effects could lead to the loss of employment, depletion of funds, or even the breakdown of a marriage or other intimate relationship.

Because we are concerned that Mirapex's side effects have been publicly minimized by its drug manufacturer, our law firm intends to file a class action law against the manufacturer and marketers of Mirapex. Though the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not taken the medication from the market, we have grave issues with what we perceive may have been a rush to put Mirapex, a potentially defective drug, on the market without significant testing.

If you or someone you love has been adversely affected after taking Mirapex, we encourage you to contact our law offices today. Together, we'll be able to determine if you are deserving of restitution from Mirapex's makers. If so, you'll pay absolutely nothing until we get a monetary award for you. Together, we'll send drug manufacturers a serious warning: Never put financial considerations above the public's safety. Consult our Mirapex lawyers today.


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