Homicide and Manslaughter Law

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Homicide is more than just a topic of police dramas on television. It's a legal term that has come to mean the unlawful killing of another human being. Homicide is not an easy thing to understand because many different types of homicide exist . The purpose of this article is to define and make clear the many different types of homicide and answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding them.

What is the most serious form of Homicide?
Murder is the most serious form of homicide. Murder is defined as the unlawful killing of another human being without excuse. An interesting thought is if the victim lives longer than one year and one day after the initial attack, many states forbid the charge of murder being brought. The logic being that if someone lives that long after the attack it was most likely not the attack that killed them.

What is manslaughter?
Manslaughter is a form of homicide that is deemed less serious that murder. Manslaughter itself is broken into two categories, voluntary and involuntary. Voluntary manslaughter is where you kill someone but for some reason were provoked into doing so. Examples are finding a spouse in the arms of another or witnessing an attack on a loved one and taking matters into your own hands. Involuntary manslaughter is where someone is killed without intent, usually through recklessness of some sort.

What is justifiable Homicide?
This can be complicated but it's where someone kills another but the circumstances deem it justifiable. Examples would be self defense or killing to prevent the death of another. In these circumstances, you have committed the crime without the guilty mind or intention to do so.

As you can see, homicide is quite a complicated concept. It can range from cold-blooded premeditated first degree murder resulting in the death of another human being. Punishments for homicide vary from state to state but generally carry quite a harsh punishment.

Generally, homicides are classed as felonies and if found guilty there more than likely there will be a jail term imposed. The only exception would be in his case of justifiable homicide where no sentence would be imposed. Homicide is serious. It can carry effects beyond the immediate parties involved. Pain and suffering of loved ones is also a factor. Homicide laws are complex and hopefully this article has helped clear up some of the confusion.

Few legal situations are as grave as homicide charge. You only have so much time to organize your case, so contact an experienced and dedicated homicide attorney right away. Take every opportunity to help your case and get a homicide lawyer consultation today.



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