DUI Penalties in California

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DUIs are very serious things. Many states are seriously cracking down on people who commit DUIs. If you are caught driving under the influence then you may face serious DUI penalties. Hefty fines are possible as well as jail time. You may lose your license and have your cam impounded. DUIs contribute highly to accidents and deaths on America's roads. By driving under the influence you are not only putting yourself in danger but risking the lives of other passengers and motorists as well. Year after year families suffer the emotional trauma of burying loved ones who have been killed as a result of drunk driving. Survivors of accidents may have permanent physical injuries or emotional scars to deal with. It is a selfish and foolish thing to do and can be so easily avoided. The purpose of this article is to talk about DUI penalties and what you can expect if you are caught driving under the influence.

DUI penalties are divided into felonies and misdemeanors. The misdemeanors are treated less harshly than the felonies. If you commit a DUI Misdemeanor you can face a fine up to 1,000 dollars and possible jail time however, not prison. A DUI felony is more severe. A felony means someone other than you was injured or killed. If you commit a DUI felony then again you face a fine of at least 1000 dollars and prison is now a possibility.

Subsequent offences are also punished more harshly than prior ones. If you commit another DUI offence within 10 years of your first offense then this will count as a subsequent offense and be treated more harshly. Even if you plead guilty to your first offense this will not alter the effect.

A few things can affect DUI penalties. First of all, every state has its own set of laws in place for DUIs. The above information is based on California state law .The other thing that can influence the penalty is the judge. The judge hearing the case is entitled to use discretion when giving sentence. Usually, with first time offenders, that did not cause an accident, the judge is permitted to show the most leniency. For second offenses and felonies his or her hands become more and more tied.

With today's DUI penalties in place it is insane to think of driving under the influence. If the DUI penalties are not enough on their own then think of the risk you are putting on yourself as well as the potential harm you could cause others. If you find yourself charged with a DUI you need to contact a lawyer immediately. Don't risk losing your money or your freedom. Consult a DUI attorney today!


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