Vinyl Chloride & Angiosarcoma

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In today's world, it's a true shame that so many products on the market can lead to fatal diseases. A perfect example is the connection between vinyl chloride and angiosarcoma, which is a potentially deadly one. In fact, between 1967 and 1973 in Louisville, Kentucky, there were four numbers of "cancer clusters", statistical events that showed a link between vinyl chloride and angiosarcoma.

Since that time almost 40 years ago, numerous other cases of vinyl chloride and angiosarcoma have cropped up periodically, causing grave concerns among users of the products and those who are actively engaged in their design and production.

In the form of PVC plastic vinyl chloride is used to make anything from building materials to magnetic stripe cards to hoses and tubing. PVC is cheap to make, and because it has plenty of possible uses, it's also highly profitable.

Unfortunately, vinyl chloride, as with many manmade materials, has a potentially negative side effect for some individuals that come in contact with it, especially when it is mixed with other plasticizers. Specifically, it can lead to the development of cancer in persons who come in contact with the chemical substance. Thus, vinyl chloride and angiosarcoma reports have begun to make media headlines across the world.

If you or someone you care about has heard the words "vinyl chloride and angiosarcoma" from your physician, please contact our offices today. You may have been needlessly exposed to a carcinogen. If so, you may be able to recoup monetary compensation for your pain, suffering, and/or loss.

Our team of legal professionals has stayed up to date on the link between vinyl chloride and angiosarcoma; hence, you can be assured that when you choose our attorneys as your legal representatives, you'll be getting cutting edge advice.

If you decide to file a claim or join a class action lawsuit regarding vinyl chloride and angiosarcoma, rest assured that you will owe us nothing until we get restitution for you. We firmly believe that you shouldn't have to pay legal expenses out-of-pocket; after all, you've suffered enough from your vinyl chloride and angiosarcoma injury.

Contact us now via telephone or email, and we'll start the process of turning you from victim to hero. Together, we'll make sure that other lives aren't needless adversely affected by vinyl chloride and angiosarcoma.

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Vinyl chloride and angiosarcoma cases are on the rise. If you have been exposed to vinyl chloride contact us today for case review - it's free!