Toxic Water from Hurricane Katrina

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The devastation from Hurricane Katrina brought about one of the worlds largest natural disasters. When the levies gave way, the flood waters surged into the city leaving much of it under water. The flood waters caused widespread damage, leaving many people without the basics of food, water and shelter. Katrina left many injured, homeless or dead.

For what ever reason, aid was delayed in reaching the victims. Many were forced to drink the rainwater left behind. The toxic water from Hurricane Katrina was described as a bacteria soup and could make people extremely ill if not kill them. The purpose of this article is to talk about the toxic water from Hurricane Katrina and what you could do if you were made ill from this.

Why was there toxic water from Hurricane Katrina?
When the levies broke and the water surged in, everything from the street that was left behind was engulfed in the water. Debris, human waste, garbage and even dead bodies were festering in the water creating bacteria. The longer the water sat the worse it became.

Why would people drink the toxic water from Hurricane Katrina?
Many had no choice. All the basic systems in the city were shut down. There was no electricity, food or water. To make matters worse, aid and relief supplies were delayed in reaching people. They were then forced to drink the toxic water from Hurricane Katrina or die.

Are there any further damages of toxic after from Hurricane Katrina?
Yes, there were worries that the toxic water from Hurricane Katrina could seep into the ground water. This could contaminate the city's water supply and make millions ill even after the hurricane was over and the flood waters receded.

What can people do if they were made ill from toxic water from Hurricane Katrina?
They may be entitled to damages. The best thing to do in this case would be to seek legal advice. A chemical exposure attorney would be able to best advise you on your rights and what types of compensation you may receive. You may be entitled to claim for pain and suffering, mental anguish, medical expenses incurred and loss of wages due to missed work.

Hurricane Katrina caused horrific damage and ruined lives. Don't let the toxic waters from Hurricane Katrina do the same. Get legal advice today.

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