Trades and High Risk Jobs

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Here's a quick quiz – what are the most dangerous trades and high risk jobs when it comes to safety?

If you said manufacturing plant workers and the military, you'd be on the right track. However, you'd probably be surprised to hear about the hundreds of other trades and high risk jobs whose workers can end up with significant health concerns.

For instance, consider these trades and high risk jobs and the high risk tasks that go along with them as listed by the National Institutes of Health (NIH):

Trades and High Risk Jobs List:

Animal Breeders – handle laboratory animals; handle infected animals or animal carcasses; repeatedly inhale bird dropping residue

Glaziers – work with glue solvents; use epoxy or formaldehyde-resin finishes or sealants

Manicurists – use methacrylates; generate latex dust

Packers and Packagers – generate grain dust; manufacture pesticides; repeatedly inhale bioaerosols; work with wet hands

Upholsterers – use epoxy or isocyanate adhesives or finishes; work with glue solvents; handle items that cause allergic contact dermatitis

If these trades and high risk jobs give you pause, it's no wonder. After all, we rarely think of manicurists as working in a "dangerous" environment. But when you look at the evidence, they clearly may develop some kind of physical ailment from their day-in, day-out work.

If you are concerned that you may have contracted a disease or been injured as a result of working on projects in trades and high risk jobs, we urge you to contact our offices for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Though you might never have considered suing your employer or the manufacturer of the dangerous chemical that led to your injury or diagnosis, it's important that you learn your legal rights.

At our firm, we have attorneys well versed in all trades and high risk jobs. We have filed lawsuits on behalf of victims like yourself, and will continue to fight for the rights of consumers everywhere to work in environments that are as free as possible from toxins. We believe that safety should always come ahead of profit; unfortunately, other persons and businesses do not share that philosophy.

If we decide to file a lawsuit on your behalf, you'll owe us nothing until we get the restitution you deserve. Remember – if you worked in trades and high risk jobs and became injured (perhaps even permanently disabled) as a result of your employment, you may be entitled to a large settlement. Call us today and start the process with our team of caring, knowledgeable legal professionals.

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