Exposure to Herbicides and Pesticides

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Herbicides and pesticides have long been used to regulate pest populations in agricultural and in other situations. The problem is that many of the chemicals used to kill pests are also toxic to humans as well. According to lists provided by Cornel University, there are dozens of chemicals used to regulate pests and weed populations and all of them have some negative consequences to people in high enough concentrations. There have been many attempts to by the industry to reduce liability for the products they produce. In fact the industry has had a measure of success resisting litigation. However in April of 2005, the Supreme Court ruled that herbicides and pesticides manufacturers could be sued for damage to crops and personal health. If you feel like pesticides or herbicides have caused you or anyone you love to become ill, there are legal actions you can take to help defray costs associated with your illness, loss of income or life. Contacting a lawyer with expertise in this area will help you assess your case.

Chemicals used in fertilizers can affect the endocrine system, nervous system and may lead to infertility and sometimes-mutagenic effects. People who are at the highest risks are those that work directly with the chemicals involved. Other people are exposed to these herbicides and pesticides by living in areas where pesticides and herbicides are routinely applied. There is also evidence that some pesticides accumulate in fatty tissues and as such levels many raise in an individual after successive exposure. Several families of herbicides and pesticides are in the market for many varied uses and exposure to them may depend on the environment you're in. Herbicides are specifically targeted to destroy plants that are considered a nuisance. One problem with its use is that it can seep into groundwater and can be picked up by animals and children on skin, hair and clothes.

Pesticides are designed to be specific for different types of pests. As a result there are many varieties of pesticides on the market for a wide selection of pests. Algaecides for example, are used to control algae in lakes and stream. Other types commonly used are repellents and ovicides that kill eggs of insects.

Because of the variety of herbicides and pesticides on the market symptoms can be difficult to standardize. Talking with your doctor about your concerns may be a good place to start. In addition finding legal help with a competent tort lawyer will help you get the compensation you need and deserve if you have been exposed to poisoning due to the use pf herbicides and pesticides.

If you are the victim of illnesses caused by exposure to herbicides and pesticides, let us help you get the financial compensation you deserve. Contact our compassionate and dedicated lawyers today.

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Exposure to Herbicides and Pesticides can be deadly. Protect yourself from chemical exposure and seek a lawyer if you've been injured.