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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issues many alerts and updates each day both through media releases and notices on their website. Geared toward helping individuals achieve "true improvements" in their health and defining health impact goals, there is a great deal of CDC information on chemical exposure available to concerned citizens.

The CDC information on chemical exposure is a reminder to anyone who works in a high risk job or lives around (or visits) toxic environments that chemicals are everywhere and can cause serious harm or death to unsuspecting adults and children.

Some of the specific chemical hazards discussed in the CDC information on chemical exposure include: chlorine gas; hydrogen sulfide; carbon monoxide; adhesives and glues; epoxy resins; silica; coal tar; welding fumes and gas; and cleaning products. The actual list of potentially deadly chemicals is much longer and quite overwhelming.

In fact, when you read the full list of CDC information on chemical exposure, you may realize that you have been exposed repeatedly to chemical hazards that are life-threatening or life-altering. For instance, have you ever worked in an office and repeatedly caught the "same" bronchial cold or intense, debilitating headaches or other body pains? Did this mysterious illness leave as soon as you stopped working for that employer? The truth might be that chemical exposure caused your malady.

As a law firm committed to consumer advocacy, we are gravely concerned when we read CDC information on chemical exposure. The alerts remind us that chemicals are everywhere, and while they cannot be avoided, exposure to them can and should be limited. Therefore, if a person or company is exposing individuals to toxins in order to save a few pennies, that person or company should be held liable for any losses suffered by the victims of the chemical exposure.

Our team of chemical exposure attorneys keeps tabs on CDC information on chemical exposure and stays on top of the latest CDC and chemical news. That is how we're able to give you the most up-to-date, knowledgeable legal representation on the market today.

Contact us via telephone or email to set up a consultation. Together, we'll discuss the most recent CDC information on chemical exposure and how a chemical might have negatively affected you on the job or in your home. You'll be under no obligation to file a claim; however, we believe that you should know and understand your rights as a protected citizen.

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