Agent Orange

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During the Viet Nam war, Agent Orange was used a defoliant to help clear away the dense jungle foliage, and as a result eliminate cover for the enemy. The problem with its use is that it resulted in dire illness for many service men and women who were inadvertently exposed to the toxic chemicals it's composed of. Agent Orange has been implicated in a broad spectrum of illness and disease such as liver problems, cancer, and immune system failure. Further studies have indicated that the children of soldiers may also have an increased risk of birth defects and an increased incidence of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). There has been difficulty in setting specific guidelines about symptoms of Agent Orange exposure because there seems to be differences between individuals in resistance and levels of exposure. For example, some soldiers may have been exposed to higher concentrations if they were in the field. The exposure was exasperated by drinking contaminated water and food, and through exposure from walking around in the residue of Agent Orange.

US military personnel and Agent Orange

There was considerable resistance on behalf of manufacturers and the government in acknowledging the risk that US military personnel suffered as a result of exposure to Agent Orange. As a result of that denial many military personnel suffered needlessly with mysterious maladies. In addition, these same service men and women had children who were also adversely affected by Agent Orange exposure.

Agent Orange is composed of some caustic chemicals including dioxins. Dioxins are also found in other suspected carcinogens such as PCBs and PVCs. Dioxins accumulate in fat, and are resistant to degrading. Because they are stored in fatty tissue without being flushed out of the system, further exposure can lead to toxic levels of exposure.

Exposure to Agent Orange

Persons who believe they have been exposed to Agent Orange may be eligible for a lawsuit. Though a lawsuit can't erase the damage caused by exposure to Agent Orange it can make a difference in easing the burden associated with exposure to this toxic and potentially deadly substance. In addition a lawsuit may also help protect survivors by providing economic relief and insure medical care for children who are affected by Agent Orange.

Finding immediate care and proper legal representation may make a tremendous difference in the lives of the brave men and women who while serving their country was exposed to Agent Orange. Further holding those responsible accountable may protect future generations of military from being exposed to toxic chemicals used by the military in wartime. If you believe that your health was threatened by exposure to Agent Orange take actions to get the vital help you need to face your medical and emotional challenges. Contact our Agent Orange attorneys today.

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US military personnel exposed to agent orange can contact a lawyer today - you may be entitled to compensation for your suffering.