Chemical Exposure Facts:

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Would you knowingly expose yourself or your family to a chemical that could cause harm or death? Of course not. But it might surprise you to learn that many people experience chemical exposure every day, both in the home, while out shopping, on the job, or even at their local playground.

In today's modern, industrialized world, chemicals are everywhere, and while they cannot be escaped, the exposure to them can be limited. However, that can only occur if someone understands the ins and outs of chemical exposure, including whether he or she has been exposed to toxins at all!

As a quick primer, the following are some recent chemical exposure statistics that have been generated from various national databases on chemical exposure. Though they are only estimates, they might surprise you.

Chemical Exposure Statistics:

  • The number of contusions or abrasions suffered as a result of chemical exposure: 3,200
  • The number of burns suffered as a result of chemical exposure: 33,200
  • The number of cases of poisoning as a result of chemical exposure: 22,900
  • The number of cases of dermatitis and conjunctivitis linked to chemical exposure: 20,500

Are these numbers significant? Absolutely. Does that mean that employers are going to heed them? Not likely. Unfortunately, humans have been imbued with a sense of "It can't happen to me"-ism. That means we take unnecessary risks every day, and sometimes end up exposed to toxins as a result.

Chemical Exposure Victims

If you've been the victim of chemical exposure either in your home or the home of another, on the job, or while on vacation or traveling for business, please contact our team of legal professionals after you've discussed your situation with your physician. It's important to learn your rights in the cases of chemical exposure; many times, people wait too long to file a grievance or claim and wind up missing the statute of limitations on chemical exposure in their state.

Don't let time pass you by - call or email us today. If you decide to use us to pursue a claim or join a chemical exposure-related class action lawsuit, you won't owe us a penny until we get the restitution you deserve. Remember - chemical exposure incidents happen, but they don't have to ruin your life. With the help of our knowledgeable, caring attorneys, you'll be able to move past your experience with your head held high, knowing you've made a bold statement: chemical exposure doesn't have to mean perpetual victimization.

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